Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A New Beginning

I know I promised to post more back in May, but I'll be honest - working and planning a wedding out of state left me little time to even think about decorating projects. But the good news is... I'm officially Mrs. Ryan O'Brien and I am ready to get back on the blogging horse.

One thing I found out through the whole process was that wedding DIY projects were just as fun - even though sometimes frustrating - as home DIY projects. Sure I could have shared my projects while I was doing them, but truthfully, I wanted all of the little touches to be a surprise to my guests. So now that the vows have been said, the cake has been cut and the dance floor is closed, I'll share some of those projects right here on My Life By Design.

After all the fun I had planning my own wedding, I think the blog will a naturally become a combination of wedding design ideas as well as home design ideas. I'll be sharing wedding ideas and inspirations here as well - both from my own wedding and all of the awesome wedding sites I used for inspiration. And there are sure to be lots of great new things to come as we navigate married life, buying our first real house together and all the fun that comes along with it!

Hope you enjoy the ride!