Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Decorating the bedroom...

"My name is Jenna and I do not know how I lived before owning a king-sized bed."

Ok, that may be a tad over-dramatic, but man, I love our bed. We found some neutral bedding at JCPenney (who P.S. has an awesome home section) that goes really well with our new bed and frame. Don't judge my pillow game, it's a work in progress, I just used old pillows from around the house. And excuse the bad iPhone pic.

Ever since we moved into the house I have had a vision of a very calm, neutral bedroom without a lot of color. I would have preferred an almost ivory colored comforter, but my husband wanted something darker. I like the bronzey color we decided on. Compromise. It's what makes marriage go 'round. It still gives the whole space a calming feel. 

We need bedroom furniture and some seating by our window, but I need to decide if I want to stay totally neutral and just layer texture like these: 


Original source unknown




Or if I'd like to add in a subtle color like slate blue or muted green...


Or a little drama with an accent wall...

 I'd also love to do swing arm sconces instead of table lamps. 


How to you prefer your bedroom: a relaxing retreat, a burst of color, a dark and cozy getaway? 

Monday, October 14, 2013

HomeGoods haul...

The HomeGoods store closest to me recently reconfigured their layout. It was under construction for a month but now that it's done, it is overflowing with furniture. After a few fruitless searches for just the right cabinet/buffet for our dining room, I found this guy last week. 

She's coming home tonight and I can't wait to show you what she looks like in the space. Stay tuned! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

POP! O'Color: Easy DIY Art...

Our guest bathroom has a very neutral palette except for one lone fuchsia orchid on the counter. 

And there was always this blank space above the toilet that was calling for something. I could never find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to DIY my own art. 

I am by no means an "artiste" but I had a clear vision of what I wanted -- a bold pop of color to play off the orchid. So I gathered my supplies: 12" x 24" frame, paint, foam brush (not roller), water and paper towels. 

I forgot to take in-process photos but the instructions are simple:
  1. Paint a large thick band at the bottom of your piece, gently blending as you move upward. This will be the darkest area of the painting. 
  2. Wipe any remaining thick areas of paint off your brush then dip it in water.
  3. Gently run your brush along the remaining 2/3 of your canvas trying to create an ombre effect as you go. It is important that the foam brush is wet for this step. 
  4. Then immediately take your paper towel, starting at the top of the canvas, and begin gently wiping off paint as you make your way closer to the thick band of paint. 
  5. As you move down the canvas, decrease your wiping pressure until you reach the thick band. You shouldn't touch that area with the paper towel. 
  6. It should look like a nicely blended painting that goes from light to dark. 

The beauty of this project is you can really mess it up and any color will work. If the bottom isn't dark enough, add more paint. If the top isn't light enough, add more water. Then just blend using your brush and paper towel or rag.

It only took me about 10 minutes to make and it's the perfect piece to bring the room together. 

See, anyone can be an artist! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Look what I found on Joss and Main....

This Rattan Ottoman just popped up on Joss and Main this morning for the cool price of $110. 

I was pretty pumped because as you may remember, I picked up these two babies over the summer.

And paid $30 for both. I love being ahead of a trend. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY Halloween Wreath...

Sorry for the silence again, things have been busy, busy, busy around here. So I will have lots to share with you in the coming weeks. But first, it's that spooky-ooky time of the year... HALLOWEEN! Here is an easy DIY Halloween Wreath tutorial.

The supplies are simple: 
Foam wreath • Felt • Halloween coasters • Glue gun

I started by wrapping the felt around the foam wreath, leaving a seam along the back. It doesn't have to be perfect because the coasters will cover up any imperfections along the front. 

Like I said, easy. 

Now we're ready for the trick or treaters!