Wednesday, October 31, 2012

my go-to meal...

a couple of nights ago the weather was cold and windy, my better half was down at a basketball game with my dad and I had a lot of DVR catching up to do. So that meant it was a night for my go-to meal –the one that brings me great joy and comfort on a chilly fall night on the couch.

The meal prep begins with these: 
crushed walnuts and grapes cut in half.

Then I boil tortellini and heat up my favorite cream sauce. I had half of the walnuts to the cream sauce and combine with the tortellini when it's finished cooking. Toss in the grapes then top with more walnuts, more grapes and some fresh parmesan cheese. And there you have it – you have an easy, delicious, comforting meal for a cold fall night. Enjoy! 

Creamy walnut and grape tortellini

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

tuesday tunes...

earlier this year I discovered The Civil Wars, a duo comprised of Joy Williams and John Paul White, who make some of the most beautiful and haunting music I have ever heard. It's sort of a blend of country, folk, and rock but has a sound all it's own.

Last week I was watching the show Nashville and at the end of the pilot, two of the characters sing this amazing song I could not get out of my head. After some online sleuthing, to my surprise, I learned it was a cover of a Civil Wars song.

It wasn't on my Barton Hollow CD so I scoured the interwebs for it and found out it was on a Live album they did in 2009. Lucky for me – and for you – it's available FREE on their site.

Just go to follow this link to their music page and click on the Live from Eddie's Attic album. You'll get 10 great songs for zero dollars. Try it, I thing you'll dig it.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

fall porch makeover...

Fall is definitely in the air here in Cincinnati. It's put me in the mood for apple cider, boots and cozy sweaters. It's also put me in the mood to decorate the house, starting with our front porch.

One of the things I looked forward to most about owning a home was being able to decorate for the holidays. So as soon as the temperatures dropped, I was on it! In a budget-friendly move, I repurposed a wreath I used for one of my wedding DIY projects and added some fall-themed items.

Once it was all said and done, I loved the outcome. Simple and beautiful. 
And totally coordinated with our maroon front door.

To complete the porch we picked up a HUGE red/orange mum and pumpkins of all sizes. But all of the orange was frankly a little boring. So pulling from all my "Pinspiration" I headed to Home Depot for a can of spray paint and brass upholstery tacks and VOILA!

O for O'Brien!

And of course he needed a little buddy. 

The wrought iron tables are a summertime garage sale find that I spray painted for the deck. 
They are perfect for the front porch vignette. 

I am so in love with it. Happy Fall to y'all! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

nailed it! fall nail colors...

loving all of the fall nail polish colors, especially my deep green manicure. What's your favorite?

Friday, October 5, 2012

friday finds: side tables....

it's Friday again and you know what that means – garage sales! it's a gorgeous fall day here, so before I started working I scoped out a few of the nearby sales. We have a serious shortage of places to put lamps and drinks, so I have been looking for side tables for various rooms in our house. And today I hit the jackpot.

I found this beauty at the first sale...
see that sticker? BOOM! $5!

It's a beautiful and heavy brass and marble table. Even though it's gorgeous, it's going to be hidden in our family room between a lounge chair and the wall. But never fear, I have big plans for it when my Hollywood Regency living room comes together. 

A couple of the sales were duds (I mean, I have never seen so many baby clothes/toys in my life!) but at the last one I found this puppy. 
and again $5! 

It will be perfect for the loft area which currently has no lamps, only overhead lighting. There is something extra cozy about soft lamp lighting versus blazing ceiling fan lights. Plus, the middle shelf will be a perfect place to keep magazines, remotes, etc. It's a little more country/traditional than my usual tastes, but again it won't be out in plain sight, and the height and double-shelf action makes it a functional gem. 

Once I get them in place I'll be sure to take pictures to show you how they are working in the space. I was just so excited by my finds, I had to share them with you. 

2 tables + $10 = FABULOUS FRIDAY FINDS!