Saturday, March 28, 2015

1 year since you left...

It's been 1 year since you left us. Some days it seems like 100 years, some days it seems like yesterday. So many things have happened.

7 more months of carrying my little boy.
1 birthday.
2 weeks in the hospital.
1 amazing baby boy was born.
3 weeks in the hospital.
1 open heart surgery.
10s of trips to the cardiologist.
1 Thanksgiving.
1 Christmas.
1 more open heart surgery.
5 days in the hospital.
1 super amazing boy keeps bringing joy to our lives.

But I know you were there for it all. I see you every time I see my boy. I see it in his eye when he's awake and I see your face when he's asleep. I know you protected him during his surgeries. And I know you look over him every day. I see him looking at the same spot every morning, laughing and smiling like he's seeing an old friend. I know it's you. I feel it in my heart.

What I wouldn't give to have you here, physically, with us. But to know you are here with us in the only way you can, makes it hurt just a little bit less.

I love you and miss you, Mom.