Sunday, July 25, 2010

near and dear...

it's always true that great things come when you're not looking for them. this weekend I headed to the flea market. While I had a few things on my list, I came home with nothing I intended to get, but a great idea came to me at the show. 

recently painted an armoire that I purchased off craigslist. the pop of yellow is great, but it needed some more yellow to make it feel more at home in the space. On my list was to get something vintage and ornamental that I could spray paint the same yellow to hang on the wall and balance the yellow.

Well I didn't find that but I found something even better. Digging around a booth, I found reclaimed road signs that have been cut into the individual letters. LIGHT BULB! While the selection of letters was slim, I knew the impact would be just right. 

I love when a project just comes to you and works out just like you thought. Now the letters I purchased on Saturday but they didn't have an ampersand. But I went back today and another booth had stencils, so I thought I could paint one black.

Despite my aversion to spray paint that has been well documented, I grabbed the glossy black and changed that bronze ampersand to black. I think it turned out really well. It wasn't what I had anticipated putting in the space, but the fact that its so unique is what I like about it.

If I had my way I would change the lighting and the trim, but it's a rental. So for now that has to stay and I think the new artwork and the yellow armoire are steps in the right direction for giving the cold, rental atmosphere a warm, personal feeling.

And it's a nice reminder to remember those things I hold "near & dear."

What are some unusual art projects you've done?

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