Friday, December 2, 2011

The soundtrack of my life...

music is big in our house. My husband may have more CDs (remember those round things you used to buy before downloading took over the world?) than any human I have ever met. Before I met him, I fancied myself quite the music aficionado, but I humbly take a backseat to his musical knowledge and collection.  That said, there isn't a day that goes by that there isn't some music playing in our house.

Music is part of my every day life and since this blog is about "My Life" I thought I'd start a new feature "The Soundtrack of My Life" about the music that is currently inspiring me.

First up is a CD that is playing at this very moment on my computer, Mat Kearney's Young Love.
You may have become familiar with Mat when his amazing breakout hit, Nothing Left to Lose, hit the charts in 2007. It was followed up with the achingly beautiful single, All I Need, that still gives me chills every time I listen to it, as well as the equally moving, Breathe In Breathe Out. He followed up his major label debut album with City of Black and White, which features one of my all-time favorite songs, Closer to Love. Do yourself a favor and listen to this song. It's hopeful, inspirational and will just make you feel good.
His new CD, Young Love, is Mat Kearney doing what he does best, mixing haunting ballads with upbeat tunes that provide for a seamless album. Many have compared his sounds (and looks) to Chris Martin from Coldplay, and I can hear (and see) it. But every song is sung with such honesty and emotion it feels more pure than any Coldplay record of late (yes, Fix You was amazing). That said, I'm still coming to terms with his "spoken word/rap" style on some songs. It's growing on me.

As a writer, I find it hard to listen to music while I write, but I've already listened to this CD three times today. It's a great album by a fabulous singer and songwriter.

My favorites on the album: Hey Mama (the album's first single), Sooner or Later, Down and She Got the Honey. I defy you not to hum "She's got the honey, and I got some money to buy her a big bouquet" by the end of it the first listen.

Added bonus: He even sounds good at 30,000 feet.


Audra's Ally said...

I love Mat Kearney! For the first year (a few years ago) of owning his CD I skipped all of the "rap" songs. haha But now they've grown on me.
Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

The rapping is very "Everlast" but I'm starting to come to terms with it!

Audra's Ally said...

By the way, I moved from Charlotte 3 years ago to VA, I love it there!