Thursday, September 16, 2010

Loving Lonny

Ever since my beloved Domino Magazine folded (R.I.P), I have been looking for a great decorating magazine that was accessible for the everyday person. Well I think I may have found it, if only in a modified form.

Lonny Magazine is an online magazine and website with great decorating tips and tools. (Although now you can order a print copy too but it's $$$$) You can actually virtually flip through the pages of the magazine online or just browse around the site.

There will never be another Domino, but Lonny is a great substitute.

Goodbye old friend. :(



Ooooo, I like this Lonny! Must bookmark.

I did like Domino too, but after a while, I found it to be a little to cutie/hipster for me. That said, you know I still kept my old issues!

Jen said...

I saved all mine too. I love looking through them from time to time.