Monday, December 13, 2010

joy to the world...

my mantel's done. Let Earth receive... oh, you get the idea. I am proud to say, the bane of my existence is finished and I love it!

Ever since I saw the Crate and Barrel catalog this year, I knew I wanted to incorporate silver reindeer. Instead of spending $25 on each reindeer, I found some at Marshall's for $6.99 each. 

To make them a little sturdier (because the mantel is right by the front door and has been known to get jostled when we slam the front door), I crazy glued them to wood planks and spray painted them all matte silver. One a side note, even though I have said I hate spray paint, the metallic matte silver from Krylon is the best. A couple of passes and you're good to go! 

I also spray painted the candleholder, it was a faux leather from World Market but just sturdy enough for the candle. I then took some of the silver berries I used in my wreath and attached them to the candles with silver wire. Again using my silver spray paint to touch up the stems that were green. 

Speaking of the wreath, it is my favorite part! I started with a $2.99 wreath from Michael's and some miscellaneous decorations I picked up for 50% off. I also grabbed wooden letters that spelled JOY. I was going to use them in something else, but then got an even better idea for the wreath. 

I sprayed painted them silver, added some Modge Podge, then dusted them with silver glitter. Then I attached them to the bottom of the wreath with silver wire. Then I put just a few of the decorations I purchased in the top corner of the wrath for a touch of color and sparkle. I chose to stick with the red and silver theme to play off the green I have in my entire living room. 

I just love the final look! 

I have a few more touches to do around the house and then the decorating will be complete. 


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Blondie's Journal said...

Everything looks beautiful, Jen. I love the reindeer, what a great deal on them and as nice as C&B I am sure! The silver spray paint came in handy...I love the candles and the JOY is very cute on your wreath. Nicely done!

I am from Chicago, too. Are you enjoying all this snow?!