Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Decor by the numbers

I wanted to make our wedding decor as personal as possible. From the minute we started planning the wedding, I knew music was going to be a big theme. It started with our Save the Date and carried through to the reception decor, including the table numbers.

Instead of using traditional numbers, we decided to make each table one of our favorite singers/bands. So I scoured Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics for ways to display the numbers until I found these wood frames.

They were the perfect size, but still needed a lot of work. Thanks to the master carpentry skills of my Uncle Art, we created wooden triangles for the back so that they were sturdy enough to stand on the tables. After they were all constructed, it was time to paint. Our colors were charcoal gray and yellow. The table linens, chair sashes and the girls dresses were all charcoal, so I wanted to incorporate pops of color as much as possible. So yellow they became! I chose Valspar Yellow, mainly because it was all they had at Lowe's. But it worked perfectly. 

Then it was time to choose the bands to include in the frames. We opted for photos of album covers that featured the bands' names -- so they could be more easily identified by guests. We chose bands that were important in our relationship (Michael McDonald) as well as our individual favorites. While Ryan chose bands such as Metallica, Van Halen and the Beatles, I opted to stay true to my boy band roots with New Kids on the Block, New Edition and 'NSync. Oh yes, I did. So I resized images of the selected clovers to  3.5" x 3.5" then adhered them to foam board and VIOLA! 

To further insure that guests could find their table, we added numbers in the corner. After much debate with my mom, she convinced me to use these puffy number stickers that had a little glitter to them. I thought that would look awful but was so burnt out on wedding planning that I was tired of thinking. So we went with her idea. 

I will admit, they were the best idea. They looked fabulous. See how nice the numbers looked in the corner? 

 I couldn't have been happier with how the table numbers turned out. 

Courtesy of Leppert Photography
And it seems that our guests agreed! 

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