Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On The Move...

So it's official, we are packing up our place in Chicago...
 and heading back to my home city of Cincinnati.
There are so many things I will miss about Chicago:
  1. My friends
  2. The nightlife
  3. Public transportation
  4. The food
  5. The lake
  6. Walking everywhere
But there are some things I can't wait for in Cincinnati:
  1. Being near my family
  2. Trees
  3. A slower pace
  4. Being able to drive somewhere without having a nervous breakdown
  5. Being in my hometown (no matter where I lived, I still always called Cincinnati home)
  6. Buying our first house! 
  7. Graeter's ice cream :)

Seriously though, I cannot wait to get our home. Admittedly, we are both are pretty clueless when it comes to all of the leg work it's going to take to find the perfect house. But we've been saving and planning and we know we are making the right move for ourselves, our future and our family-to-be (hopefully!). 

So, of course, in preparation for that, I have been hunting Cincinnati real estate sites as well as all of my favorite home blogs for ideas for our house and how I want to decorate. Sure, I'm putting the cart before the horse, but isn't that the fun part? 

I absolutely love everything about the house below. Especially the kitchen. Too bad it's not in the school district we want. 

Wow, back when I was having porch parties on my deck in Wrigleyville, who knew a few short years later I'd be talking school districts? Times change but even better times are yet to come! 

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