Friday, November 4, 2011

Puttin' on a show...

if my loving husband is reading this, honey, stop right here. don't read any further.

you see, my husband has quite an aversion to what he calls "show pillows."
you know, those mounds of pillows us girls like to put on our beds, our sofas, our floors, our chairs... you get the idea. the pillows that you can't nap on because they are for looks not for use. the couch in our apartment had about seven throw pillows. they created a mood and gave personality to the room.

throw pillows are simply the easiest way to change the style of a room without spending a fortune.

even though we don't have a house yet,  I've been designing the look of our family room in my head (and on Pinterest). our couch is gray and I have really been loving the combo of navy blue, yellow, gray and crisp white.
it's classic, fresh and pretty gender neutral. plus my hubby likes the navy, hunter green and maroon tones, so this is a nice way to incorporate both of our styles into the room. so, of course, you know I've been scouring the Internet for some fluffy beauties to adorn our gray couch. here are some of the ones I've really gravitated towards.

You could spell out your last name or family members' initials.




My favorite of the bunch.
And of course, right above the couch, in an ideal world, would be the Matthew Heller piece that I have been wanting since i saw it in Molly Simm's house in InStyle years ago. 
Oh yes it will be mine. 
hopefully our house hunt will go smoothly and I'll have a family room I love in no time, full of  show pillows, piled high like stylish clouds beckoning me to come and relax -- just not nap on them. :) 

so how many of you have family members or significant others who have a "show pillow" aversion like my husband? do you keep piling them on anyway, like me?


Chad said...

Once you have kids the family room/living room dichotomy may become very important, hence my clarifying question: Will your family room be the place where you hang out and watch TV? That's what ours is and design is difficult because there are toys and more chaos there. Our living room, however, has no TV and though we are stuck in a condo where the living room gets too much use at the moment, it's meticulously planned much like your living room is.

Jen said...

Definitely the TV room for now. Since we only have one good couch between us. :) I totally anticipate the need for durable fabrics and furnishings when the kiddos come along. But I am also of the mindset of just because it's chaotic doesn't mean it can't look stylish. I'm fully aware that in those rooms the "show pillows" won't be for show anymore but that's why God made washable pillow covers! :)

Thanks for reading, Chad!

Unknown said...

Loving the show pillow colors!!! I may steal the idea from you, or hire you to design my house once I get one. Should that room be the"sitting room" that no one goes into ever, or the living room where everyone from kids to company is in?