Monday, January 23, 2012

first project is underway...

as you know, we moved into our house a few weeks ago and my first project is already underway: my home office. 

This is my inspiration photo:

This Saturday, my hubby, parents and I set out for IKEA to purchase the Melltorp Dining Table pictured above to use as my desk. It is a genius idea and creates a sleek look with more workspace than a traditional desk. 

I wasn't able to find a swivel chair that was a bold color or in budget, so I changed courses. I figured, I'm using a dining table for my desk, why not a dining chair for my office chair? The online search began and I settled on this one from Pier One:
So after IKEA, we headed to Pier One. While the chair was pretty, in person it wasn't as bold as I wanted. But thankfully they had a million chairs to choose from and I found the most beautiful midnight blue and mocha colored chair. 
And a beautiful damask pattern:

The back even had a surprising detail:
It just spoke to me. I had to bring it home. And it will look beautiful with the white desk. 

Currently my office looks like this:

It's a hodge-podge of papers, printers and wires but hopefully in the next week, I'll have lots of positive progress to report. Assembling the desk is up next, then I need to find a credenza, ottoman and wall decor. I discovered a few thrift shops in the area so hopefully I'll have time to visit them after work this week. 

With the change in chair color, I have modified my color palette too. Now I am thinking it's going to be:

 Gold, mustard, white and midnight blue. Here we go....

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Emreen said...

Lovely chair... !!