Friday, March 9, 2012

made in the shade: new chevron lamp shades

To say my office makeover is going at a snail's pace would be and understatement. This is what it currently looks like.

Not much change from the last month or so. Same chair, same desk, same piles of papers and bills to be filed. But wait! There is one new addition.

A new chevron lampshade. Two to be exact, but the other hasn't been assembled yet. I saw them on clearance at Target for $14 and couldn't pass them up. They are a perfect complement to my office chair and add a little fun to my otherwise white and beige box of an office. 

The chevron stripes are a muted gold that work really well with the peacock blue and bronzy brown in my chair. I am not sure I am going to keep those lamp bases in the office though. The original intent was to get white drum shades and spray paint the bases gold, but that idea doesn't work with the new shade. So I am on the lookout for either lucite lamp bases or a really unique base, like an owl or some fun kitschy design that I can spray paint white. 

I am still on the hunt for some peacock blue velvet curtains and, of course, the ever-elusive white credenza. Once I find that credenza, I think the whole thing will come together rather quickly. This new  shade has breathed a little life back into the design, so I am full steam ahead to get this room completed in the next month.

Oy! I just put it out there into the blogosphere, so now I have to stick to my word. Let the credenza hunting begin!

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