Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've got your number...

So it's only taken me 326 days to post anything about our wedding. I know, I know. But life has been a little hectic and now that things are calming down and we're settled in our new abode, I've finally had time to get our pictures organized and look back on that amazing day last August.

I did a lot of DIYing for the big day and over the next few weeks I am going to share with you some of my favorite projects. First up are all projects seating-related.

Anyone who knows my husband knows that he loves music. And not in the "oh yeah, I really like that song or that band" kind of way. He lives and breaths music from the minute he wakes up until the minute he goes to sleep. I am also a huge music lover and the one thing we knew for certain was that music would play a significant part in our wedding day.

The single aspect of our wedding that we spent the most amount of time on was creating our reception playlist. From cocktail songs to dinner songs to dancing songs, we revised it for months to ensure just the right mix for our guests. Organically, a music theme for decor started to take shape.

Our Save the Dates were designed by one of my coworkers to look like a vintage concert poster.  I wanted to seating cards to play off of the Save the Date, so I designed them too look like admission tickets. When guests came up to the seating card table, they were greeted by this:

I took an 8x10 white frame from Marshalls, spray-painted it yellow and created the sign using clip art.
The message reads: Take your ticket for an evening of music and celebration.

And here are their tickets, complete with "ADMIT ONE" down the side. 

The first line was for their name and the second was for their table number number. Oh yes, we named our tables after our favorite bands/singers. Of course, I chose NKOTB, New Edition and NSync to represent my fabulous taste in music. 

Those frames may look simple, but they took many steps to make. First, I bought plain wooden crafting frames from Michaels for $1 each. They didn't have any stands so my handy uncle created bases to help them stand on their own. Once I attached those, I lugged them all home with me to Ohio and my dad and I spray painted 20 frames in a bright yellow. 

Then we narrowed down our list of favorite bands, printed out one of their album covers and put them in the frame. For those guests who may not have known the band/table where they were assigned, my mom found shimmery crafting numbers that we added to make table-location easier. 

We had Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, The Beatles, Metallica, Hall and Oates and even a Michael McDonald table (don't judge - he is one of our faves!) It was a fun way to add a personal touch to each table and give our guests a memorable welcome to the evening. 


Anonymous said...

I remember the dinner was awesome!! Great mix!!

-Sarah S

Kara said...

I absolutely adore this. I am a music lover, and this was such a fun creative idea.