Tuesday, July 24, 2012

climbing the walls: custom trellis...

I mentioned in previous posts that we had some landscaping installed recently. Due to the Sahara-like conditions here in the Queen City, they aren't growing like they should, so I haven't posted the after pictures yet. But I will give you a quick peek at one area that is bringing me much joy. There is a narrow spot between our front porch and our driveway that we've basically been using as a pass-through since there was nothing there.

Since it was such a small space, we decided to put some Clematis in there since it will grow but not be too bushy for the space. 

It came with a tiny bamboo trellis, but it was so small the Clematis had no where to go and started dying. So I headed up to Home Depot and grabbed a trellis and a trusty can of Rustoleum spray paint and created my own custom trellis to match the house. What once looked like this:

Now looks like this:

As soon as I added it, the Clematis started growing like Jack's beanstalk. 

It just looks so nice when you're coming up the drive. I can't wait until it fully engulfs the trellis.

As soon as it grows past the second horizontal bar, I am going to remove the original bamboo trellis. 

PS: Excuse the messy mulch. With all of the crazy rain and winds we've been having, our pristine new much is full of leaves and petals. I pick them out of there every day but it just doesn't seem to make a difference. Ack! Anyone else have mulch anxiety like I do? Let me here a "trell-yes!" (yes, that was a trellis pun.)

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MAC said...

looks awesome girl! dont forget you have the prettiest pink flowers / roses growing in your back yard by the patio! love those.