Thursday, June 13, 2013

it's a pizza party! a french bread pizza party!

So yesterday was this guy's birthday...
Handsome devil, isn't he? 

He's also a huge pizza lover. I mean, HUGE. He could eat it every day. So when it comes to special occasions, pizza is always on the menu. The thing that always challenges me is, "how do I do it differently?" On a recent trip to the grocery store I was in the bakery section and then --BAM!-- it hit me... make your own French Bread pizzas! 

First, the spread: 
It included: 

Bread (duh) 
Vodka sauce
BBQ sauce
Mozzarella cheese
Colby Jack cheese
Banana peppers
Turkey peppers
Feta cheese
Bacon bits

I put out two sauces in case someone didn't want a traditional pizza and would prefer a BBQ chicken pizza. First things first, I must confess, it wasn't actually French bread, it was Italian bread. The French bread was just too skinny to hold any toppings. I began by cutting a loaf in half and then split those halves down the middle to make 4 pizzas per loaf. I drizzled them with olive oil and salt and pepper and then put them under the broiler on high until the edges were golden brown. (Full disclosure: I burned three of them because I forgot to set the timer - whoops!)

Once they were prepared, everyone (my parents came over for dinner) topped their own and then we put them all under the broiler again until the cheese was melted. It was fun, interactive and delicious!

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Erin Schauer said...

OOOOH! I'm totally stealing this recipe!