Friday, June 28, 2013

all tied up: sisal rope vase...

our family room is an ever-evolving space. I have a vision of it as casual, beachy and airy with lots of natural elements mixed with blues and whites. I really wanted to add some rope texture in there somewhere and briefly toyed with the idea of a rope lamp. Then I decided on a sisal vase. I had no luck finding one I liked, so did what any good DIYer would do... I made one!

First, I started with a plain glass vase and some sisal rope. I got both for around $8. With my glue gun, I glued one end of the sisal to the vase, starting at the bottom. Then I started wrapping the vase tight with the rope. Once I reached the top, I used more glue to secure it in place. I made sure the ends of the rope lined up on the same side of the vase so it could be turned to the back so you won't see the ends. 

Now I know some tutorials say to intermittently glue while you're wrapping, but that would have caused too much of a mess. So once I knew both ends were secure, I would push two pieces of rope apart, slide my glue gun underneath and add a dot of glue. Then I'd put the rope strands back into place and hold it for a second until it was secure. I did this in a few places until I felt like the rope would hold.

In the picture above you can see how the ends of the rope are on the same side of the vase. I also added a little glue to the end of the rope so it wouldn't fray. Next, I grabbed some potting mix and a $3 low-light indoor plant from Home Depot and I was good to go! My very own DIY sisal vase. 

Ugh. Excuse the mess of cords. 
It mixes nicely with the tray on our coffee table but I have a feeling it's going to move to the mantel soon because it's starting to block the TV if you're laying on the couch. 

What are your feelings on using rope in home decor? 

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