Thursday, August 1, 2013

what's cookin': spicing up your almonds...

I'm a snacker. Admittedly, a not very healthy snacker. I can put down a sleeve of Fig Newtons before you can bat an eye. I've tried all the "healthy" snacks but none really get my taste buds going. But I'm getting older, my metabolism is slowing down and I need to start making healthier decisions. I'm always hearing that a "handful of almonds really satisfies." A handful of plain almonds makes be feel like I'm chewing on wood chips. And the flavored ones have so may artificial ingredients. So I took a stab at jazzing up my own.

The name says it all. Take bag of almonds, squeeze the juice of one lime into the bag, add some chili power and shake, shake, shake it up until the almonds are completely coated. 

I topped mine with a couple shakes of nutmeg and BOOM! a tasty, healthy snack that tastes significantly less wood-chippy. Enjoy! 

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