Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Low-cost holiday craft: Wall art...

This weekend seems to be the weekend for holiday decorating so I thought I would share a low-cost craft that makes a big impact. In our family room we have a beach sunset canvas print on the wall. While it's beautiful, it's not very "Christmasy." So I grabbed a few supplies I had lying around the house and got to work.

I used an old canvas, craft paper and staple gun. You simply wrap the canvas in paper, staple and you're ready for decorating. As far as decorating goes, you can do whatever works with your decor. 

I added ribbon to make it look like a package, painted the word Joy in glitter glue, then add glitter. 

For a little more sparkle, I added a few snowflake ornaments and it was done. Easy peasy. This one is at the top of our stairs. The one below is the one I created to replace our sunset canvas.

You could cover the actual art you have on your walls this way, instead of using an old canvas, but I would be careful about the hot glue or glitter glue getting onto your print. You could even hit up Thrift stores for cheap canvases to cover.

Happy Holiday Decorating! 

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