Monday, November 15, 2010

i've got spirit, how 'bout you?

I have some serious holiday spirit going on. So much so I can't wait until thanksgiving is over so I can officially decorate for Christmas. don't get me wrong, I love Turkey Day and the fact that we are spending it with my fiance's fabulous family, but I just can't wait to start decorating for Christmas. 

I am especially obsessed with our mantel. My mantel dilemma's have been well chronicled on My Life By Design, so they idea of giving it a fresh new look is really appealing. I've found lots of inspiration online that has gotten my creative juices flowing...

From Crate and Barrel: My favorite of the bunch. I already found similar reindeer for a fraction of the price at Marshall's!

I just love the cozy feeling this one evokes. 

Love the symmetry of this one

How cute are all of the stockings?

I like the contrast of the red against the stark white. 

While I think these candles are just beautiful, I would never leave the house
all season because I would be too afraid I left one on! 
I just can't wait to get started. And to top it all off, a Michael's just opened in the city. I am in heaven!! 

1 comment:

Phil B. Soencksen said...

Nice mantels!

I think the third photo is my fave.

I can't remember if it is the Trib or the Herald (local N. Illinois) that has Michael's coupons (40% off) every Sunday, but they are worth buying the paper for.

Stuff at Michael's can be pricey and if you can wait to use the coupon for an item, one a week, or more if you can get coups from friends - it is so worth it!