Monday, October 17, 2011

Working from home

So the past week has been quite a transition. I've moved from Chicago to Cincinnati. Went from a three-bedroom apartment to sharing a house with my parents (and my new husband) for the first time in 17 years.   And instead of heading to a bustling advertising agency on Michigan Avenue every morning...
The actual corner where my office is located.
I walk up the stairs to my parents' office and work from home.

I went from having meetings with my boss around his desk that is an actual boat, and taking in awesome views up Michigan Avenue...
Janet Davies of 190 North (a Chicago lifestyle show) doing a profile on interesting offices that featured my agency.
to working by myself, right here.

Don't get me wrong, I am so lucky A) to continue to work for my agency from home, and B) that my parents are gracious enough to let us pretty much take over their house, even their office. 

That said, the view is a little uninspiring. 

So as we look for houses, I am filing away office inspiration photos as I dream of my own glam home office. I love the crispness of white furniture with bold pops of color. 
Courtesy of FemTalk

Courtesy of FemTalk

I also love the cozy feeling these couches provide, plus the warmth of the brown tones. And having a window view would be amazing. 
Courtesy of Sarah Richardson

Do any of your work from home? Share your home office inspirations with us! 

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Jen Merrigan said...

Love these office inspirations! Maybe we can start our own virtual agency one of these days :) Wishing you lots of love and inspiration as you guys track down your new abode!