Wednesday, May 2, 2012

be our guest: guest bedroom finishing touches

when last we left the guest bedroom, I just had a few final things to add to make the room complete: lamps, a throw and some wall decor. 

On one of my many morning strolls through Target after hitting the gym, I found these lamp shades and paired them with $10 lamp bases from Walmart. I chose to match the base to color of the table so they blended together and let the shade be the hero.

 I just love the pattern of the shades. It adds a fun, contemporary touch in an otherwise simple room. 

On the dresser opposite the bed, I created a vignette of so items we already owned. A flea market pitcher and bowl, a wooden lady statue my husband had, and a reed diffuser to make sure the room always smells refreshing to our guests. 

The wall to the right of the bed was empty. Since buying more furniture wasn't in the cards, I again used items we had around the house. 

I took a piano bench that used to belong to my grandmother and topped it with the first painting I ever received from my talented cousin Molly as well a clearance rack candle holder from Target. I like to create those little "moments" around a room to add some layers and give it personality. 

Mixing patterns is also a great way to give a room a lived-in feel that isn't so matchy-matchy-I-just-bought-all-of this-during-on-one-shopping-trip

Then I finished it up with some art that we had in our guest room in Chicago, added a sunburst mirror as well as some reading material on the nightstand and there you have it. A cozy guest room on a budget. 

I hope it makes our guests feel right at home. 

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