Friday, May 18, 2012

Outta sight! organization

I am a very tidy person. Some (my husband) might call it OCD. I call it organized. So it drives me insane to see a mess, especially in the family room where we spend the majority of our time. As you may have seen in my first mantel post, we keep our blankets neatly rolled up in a small basket we had from our old apartment.

I'm not naming names, but some of us aren't the best at remembering to fold them when we're done with them. They usually end up in a pile next to or on top of the basket. For my own sanity, I needed a better blanket storage solution. So on a recent trip to HomeGoods, this little beauty came home with me.

She's (yes, she) about 24" high, a rich brown and better proportioned for the fireplace than the old basket. 

She currently holds three blankets and two lounging pillows (not to be confused with show pillows) out of sight and out of mind. She's so deep that "we" don't have to worry about folding the blankets anymore. We can just toss them in and the family room still looks organized. 

A little organization goes a long way. The room looks great and I get to keep my sanity. 
Mission accomplished. 

PS: Yes, I rearranged the mantel again. More to come in a future post. 

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Ms.Bruiser said...

I love baskets! I think they are the best thing for messy people such as myself to keep a room organized or atleast look organized.