Wednesday, June 20, 2012

healthy living...

I have become a statistic. The new bride who gains weight. The stars aligned to create the perfect storm of weight gain for me in the first year of marriage.

   Moving to a new city
   Living with my parents
   My dad's (full-fat and delicious) cooking
   Buying a new house
   Working from home
   Newfound love of frozen mini-candy bars
+ Preference for decorating my home over working out
   A little more to love

I'm determined to lose those pesky 10 pounds so I started eating better, cooking healthier for me and my husband, and working out more. Another thing I added to my daily routine is Jillian Michael's bloat banishing drink.

Bloat-banishing drink ingredients

Here are the details: 

I don't know if it's just upping my water intake or the dandelion root tea bag, but this has really worked. I feel awesome and my stomach is much less bloated. And, shockingly, feeling better makes me want to eat better. A groundbreaking revelation, I know. 

Since the water I buy comes in 128oz jugs, I just double the recipe and drink half a jug a day. It actually tastes delicious and I am a person who cannot stand tea in its usual incarnation. So if you're looking to lose a little extra water weight, I highly recommend Jillian's concoction. 

I am going to try and keep this healthy living train rolling, wish me luck! 


Kara said...

Good luck! It's always hard to find time to workout for me to, but I find once I do it, I am ALWAYS glad I did :) Just found your blog and loving it :)

Jen said...

Thanks! I just hoped over to your blog too and started following. :)