Friday, January 25, 2013

hallelulujah! it's time to paint....

after a year of living with flat paint beige walls, we're finally painting the house! I've chosen two versions of warm greys for the majority of the rooms. I want the living/dining room to be a little bit darker and more dramatic...

so I chose Benjamin Moore Thunder. 
It looks lighter in this sample photo, but on the wall it is much more grey. 

For the rest of the house -- living room, kitchen, upstairs loft and hallway -- I chose Cotton Grey from the Behr Home Decorators Collection. 

I had them colored matched to Sherwin Williams Satin Eggshell Finish so the rooms have the same sheen. It's happening in the next couple of weeks and I am so excited. 

We're also painting the downstairs bathroom and my office so maybe it will finally kick-start my efforts to decorate my office. Which currently looks like a bomb went off in it. 

The walls are going to be a soft green/blue/gray. 

The downstairs bath color is currently under discussion. We're considering grey, blue or a mustardy gold. I want a deep bold color but the hubby is afraid it might be too much. But if you can't go dramatic in a small bath, where can you do it?! 

I'll be posting pics as soon as the rooms are complete so stay tuned! 

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