Tuesday, March 12, 2013

my weekend: a treasure hunting experience...

This weekend I decided to check out a local antique mall. I'd heard a lot about it but hadn't had a chance to make it there yet. It's called Duck Creek Antique Mall and if you live anywhere in the vicinity of Cincinnati, you MUST visit.

This place is massive. Two floors of booths. But it's not a flea market. It is quality stuff. I swear I could have lived in some of the booths. I spent over an hour and a half in there just browsing around, getting ideas. Here are some of my finds: 

This is one of the booths I could have called home. Super mod, cool mix of wood and leather with just the right gold/brass accents. Loved it! Especially those lamps. 

I have a dream that our front living room is going to have a cool lounge-y vibe from the Rat pack era. So of course that means a gold bar cart. This one was so cool because it had a handle to push the cart around and individual glass holders. A little brass cleaner and it would be good as new. 

I kept coming back to look at this piece. I NEED it for my office. Gold. Sunburst. Birds. Love. 

I was also obsessed with this vintage Ethan Allen credenza. This picture doesn't do it justice, but it was about 7 feet long and curved. All the doors folded up when you opened them. So cool. If only I had an extra $750 to spend.  

This lamp was a hot mess but in a weird way I loved it. A coat of spray paint in a bold color and that shade could be pretty hip. 

These lamps may have been the most hideous/intriguing thing I've ever seen. They looked like two pirate hats set upon a large branch with daisies jutting out of them. BIZARRE. Here's another look:

You just can't look away, can you? 

 I was super excited to see this! Remember the $12 magazine rack I refurbished over the summer?  This puppy was $60 and almost exactly the same thing. Except this one had an ash tray attached to the top. Practical for the 70s. 

The remaining pictures brought me to a realization: I have an infatuation with magazine racks. Maybe it's the OCD organizer in me. Or maybe it's just the great shapes these things come in, but I took more than my fair share of photos of magazine racks. For your viewing pleasure:

It was such a great place and I will definitely be going back there soon. And this time to make some purchases! 

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