Thursday, April 18, 2013

reflections: choosing a mantel mirror...

Since we had our living room painted (I know, I still need to share pictures!) our mantel has remained bare. 

As you well know, finding just the right look for the mantel has always been a challenge for me. but recently I have become very decisive on what a want  -- a large, reclaimed wood round mirror. Now I just need to find the right one. So I'm asking for your help....

OPTION #1: Mixture of light and dark wood 
I liked this one because it ties in the lighter wood in the kitchen with the darker wood in the family room. 

OPTION #2: Medium wood tones
This wood most closely coordinated with the wood in the living room. It's the most cohesive, but is it too boring? Just like with the first one, I like the symmetrical roundness of it. 

OPTION #3: Grey-wash sunburst
This mirror that I saw on Olioboard is what first inspired me to go with a wooden mirror. Gray is the primary color used in the family room, but is it too much gray? Blend too much with the walls? The sunburst edges give it some fun interest. 

OPTION #4: Brown-tone sunburst
This mirror combines the medium wood tones I like in #2 with the interesting edges of #3. My worry is that I will get sick of the sunburst style. Is it just a trend or will it last through the years? 

So now you can see why I need your help. Let me know which mirror you like best! 


Jen Merrigan said...

Hmmm, this is a tough one. My initial instinct was #2. I like the sunbursts, but I think #3 might be a little too washed out.

It also kind of depends on how much of a focus do you want the mirror to be? If you go with a more neutral like #2, then it would be a nice backdrop to whatever you are featuring on the mantel each season. If you go with #3 or 4, you might need to tone down the actual mantel decor.

So not a great answer, but just my initial reactions :) Hope to see your beautiful house in person some day!

Recreate and Decorate said...

Gray washed out sunburst! Love it