Tuesday, July 2, 2013

landscaping update: the front yard...

when we moved into our house we were fortunate enough to get a landscaping credit from the sellers. They (or the builder) had planted a bunch of great things but they were all clumped together in the front, a little was on one side and the back was bare.

And we had no privacy in our backyard. 

So last July, a landscaper came out, transplanted some things and planted some new items. The edging and mulching alone looked great, but since it was so hot when they were planting, some of the landscaping didn't look so hot. A lot of them went into shock and I was nervous all this work was for nothing.

Everyone kept telling us to wait until Spring and then we'd really be able to see what took. Well, Spring came around and BOOM! It was a landscaping explosion. So lush and pretty and some of the plants are  HUGE! Over the next few days, I'll be sharing a tour of the landscaping. Up first....


The front is a mix of angelina sedum, boxwood bushes and a lilac tree. The sedum has spread so much, it's great ground cover. I loved waking up in the morning in the spring, throwing up my window and smelling the lilac tree. One of my other favorite things are the three walking stones. 

On the corner of the front landscaping they added a blue spruce. It's a slow grower but once it gets a little bigger it will be a good balance for the front. 

Our front porch rarely gets sun so finding a shade plant that looks nice has been a challenge. Then on a trip to Lowe's I found Coleus. It perfectly matches the maroon in our door, has been growing like crazy and finally hides the ugly electrical outlet on the porch.

It was the perfect finishing touch. 

Up Next: The Side Yard.....

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Erin Schauer said...

Looks fabulous sis! Can't wait until I buy a place and hire you to decorate!!!