Wednesday, July 3, 2013

landscaping update: The side yard....

Yesterday, we took a tour of our landscaping in the front yard. Today, we move around the corner to the side yard...


Many of the plants from the original front were moved to the side landscaping. The only thing that didn't survive transplant was the big purple bush from the front yard. But we (and by we I mean Ryan and my dad) removed it and planted a Japanese Maple. 

I love how they took the edging and jutted it out a bit to give the tree more prominence. We live on a corner, so the first thing you see when you drive up is a big mass of tan siding. So the landscaping was designed to break up that side with different colors and heights. 

This picture doesn't do it justice but this grass is crazy high. I cut it back in the fall and it came back like gangbusters! There is another one that was planted to hide the AC unit, I didn't think it would actually do the job but boy was I wrong. 

I don't know what these plants are but they are twice as big now and well on their way to covering the AC Unit from the other side.

Anyone know what these are called? 

Up next: The Backyard....

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