Monday, February 20, 2012

new homeowner issues...

we couldn't be more blessed to have a wonderful new home. a big home. bigger than we have furniture for.  and there in lies my problem. I don't know where to start on this house. In my apartments it was easy, there were only two rooms, but I have so many ideas, I just can't figure out where to start. We have enough furniture for our family room, but that's about it. We are looking pretty empty around here.

So that leaves:
  • our bedroom
  • living/dining room 
  • my office 
  • guest bedroom  
  • loft family room/man cave

My office was first on the list. But I can't find the right credenza, so until then it's on hold. 

Let's be honest, this is not really a problem. Seriously, I waited my whole life to have these problems. But I would love to know how other homeowners dealt with this issue.

Where do you start? 


Anonymous said...

I'd suggest starting with the most used rooms. Bedroom? Living room?
Falling asleep every night to a bedroom you love just feels good:)


Lauren jonczak said...

Congrats on your new home. I am about to become a homeowner myself after my meeting with my mortgage company (Avrus Mortgage) closes next week. I am having the same problem. I don't have enough stuff to put in this house. I am just going to start with one room at a time leaving my bedroom last. Only because that is the one room that most people will never see anyways. I am going to start with my living room and then my guest bedroom. Good luck with everything and I hope you keep us updated!