Thursday, February 2, 2012

second half of mantel makeover...

My recent mantel makeover consisted of rearranging and repurposing pieces that I already had. Now that I had the mantel in order, it was time to tackle what to do with the remaining pieces. To refresh your memory, here is the old mantel setup:

And here is the mantel afterward: 

I removed the green vase as well as the green and pink flowers that were previously in the white vase. So where did they go? 

On the console table behind our couch. 

This is what it looked like before. 
It was just a catch-all for stuff I didn't have a home for. 

It wasn't a huge change, but just enough to make an impact. Now it fits perfectly with the rest of the room. I exchanged the damask green vase for the plain green vase to make the table less busy. Then I added the green and pink flowers in the yellow and green vase. I removed the wedding frame and cleared off the table.

It's simple, clean and adds to the room without being distracting.

By repurposing existing accents, I have created two new vignettes that give our family room personality. It's a great way to refresh the look of your home without spending money. And as a new homeowner, saving money is the name of the game!

 What have you repurposed lately?

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