Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Halloween costume...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We are super excited to hand out candy over here since this will be the first time to do so in our very own home. To get into the spirit, I decided to DIY a little something I had pinned on Pinterest.

Via Martha Stewart
I grabbed a $3 pair of shades from Walmart and $1 worth of pipe cleaners and I was ready to go. I tried to paint the web with white puffy paint but it was a hot mess. So I improvised and used a silver permanent marker. They are a little wonky since I free handed them, but they get the job done. Then I just used my trusyt hot glue gun to attach the spider legs and my "costume" was complete!

They were quite a hit with the little kids because they were fun and not too scary. 

We couldn't have had more fun passing out candy, so many cute kids, funny costumes and nice neighbors we hadn't met yet. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! 

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Anonymous said...

Fun! Look at you with the hot glue gun!