Wednesday, February 20, 2013

light it up: finding the right floor lamps...

right now, my house is in the 85% stage. every room is about 85% finished. the office needs a credenza and then it's done. the guest bath needs art and some hand towels and it's complete. and the living room and family room need floor lamps and they will be almost finished. since lighting in an integral part to making a room feel warm and inviting, I am focusing on lamps - specifically floor lamps.

Our house is blessed with a variety of overstuffed chairs. From my husband's coveted leather chair in the family room....

to a pair of hand-me-downs from my parents that occupy the living room.

I cannot take a good picture in this room, the window is my nemesis.
They are all so comfy, but because they take up so much space, adding a side table and table lamp near each one would make the rooms look too cluttered.

Enter the floor lamp. Sleek, tall and inconspicuous. I have been eyeing a variety of lamps for each room. The family room is much more casual, with lots of silver details so I thought any one of these might fit in just perfectly:



In the living room, I'm envisioning antiqued brass or gold with a warmer color shade to work with the color palette.
 I like that this is simple but the three rods give it some interest.
  I love this lamp:

This reminds me of a reading room lamp. Something you would find in a study. I like the warmth of the bronze base.
Crate and Barrel

  I am obsessed with this gold sphere lamp. It it gorgeous but a little too rich for my blood.
I keep coming back to this tri-pod lamp for both rooms. It is simple and feels like it is meant for our space.

Stay tuned to see our final pics. And I know I still owe you all updates on our house painting. It looks great, but I need to get the rooms back in order before I share pics. Have a great day!

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