Wednesday, February 27, 2013

office space: home office update...

it's been a long time coming (and still has a way to go) but I'm excited to share with you some updates to my home office. let's recap where it started (and stalled for close to a year)...

The only things in there that were part of my room design plan were the lamp shade, owl lamp, chair and my dining table desk. The walls were a boring builder's grade beige and it started to become a catch-all for my craft supplies, bills, papers, etc. But for the entire year, I had a paint sample taped to my wall. I had every intention of painting it myself, but it just kept getting pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. 

So when we finally got around to having our house painted, we decided to include my office. The color I chose was Behr Home Decorators Collection in Dew. It's a beautiful muted blue green. In certain light it looks blue, in others it's a grayish green.  

After it was painted, it inspired me clean up the clutter and get more organized. 

Two white nightstands coupled together on one wall have provided me with some much needed storage while I'm still trying to find the perfect credenza. 

and my fan as finally found a home! 

Still left to do is find a credenza, get some file cabinets, and hang curtains and a gallery wall of photos. But I'm getting closer to my vision and it's reinvigorated me to use my office more... and the couch less. 


Unknown said...

GORGEOUS paint!!! What color is it?

Jen said...

Thanks. I used Dew from the Behr Home Decorator's Collection in an eggshell finish.